Websites come in many different styles and differ greatly in functionality. On this page are different types of sites that we designed and currently maintain.

   Static websites are great for serving the public information about your organization, business or club.  Information on these sites is usually not changed  often.

  www.empiredieselperformance.com is an example of a Content Management Site. This is the newest type of website and is very adaptable. This type of site lets you combine  shopping cart, newsletters and all types of information under one framework. Best of all it is controlled via a "backend" program that lets users change items from any Internet connected computer.  You just have to see this site in action to understand it full potential!  

  www.coolmyduramax.com is another site that is static. This company sells a limited number of products and it is very easy to change the few pages that have prices or other information that might change. 

  If your company needs to sell a large number of items,  a better idea is to use a shopping cart type of site.  This type of site uses a database to store different items; a user interface makes it very easy to manage and track items and sales.

  www.dmaxcentral.com another type of website. This is a forum site forum that is database driven and serves as a resource for the Diesel enthusiast.

 www.huffmanfire.com  is an example of a Fire Department website. We combine a static information site with a Forum to increase communication between the public and this fire service.  Members of the Fire Department have a special section .on the forum, that is hidden from public view. This allows them to discus department issues, training and communicate effectively with all their members. Officers have their own private section  and are able to plan and discuss department matters in private in an effective manner.. This type of site increases public awareness, explains the mission of the Department and lets it's members communicate very effectively.  

 As you can see there are many different types of websites.  We can help you select the best type for your needs.

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